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"The Gospel is by nature hospitable to the toughest questions any of us have, and we who are Christian need to extend this genuine hospitality to all people equally, especially skeptics."

-- John Rankin

praise for the Mars Hill Forum "Dorothy Sayres once said that the average Christian is about as ready to debate a convinced Marxist as a man with a pea shooter is ready to face a fanfare of machine guns. John Rankin proves that Christians can face the fiercest opponents and come out smelling like roses. God bless him."

--The Very Rev. Peter C. Moore, D.D.
Dean and President Emeritus, Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry

"I do in fact believe you [John] when you say that you love us. I mean that genuinely and I do appreciate it."

-- Arline Isaacson
co-chair, Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus

"I think John is great. If we could stop yelling at each other across these great chasms of misunderstanding, and if we could talk quietly and listen quietly. I think John sets the stage for what could make the difference. Though John disagrees with me, John doesn't dishonor me or discriminate against me, and I thank him for that."

-- Mel White
co-founder, Soulforce

Matching wit and wisdom with the most commanding minds of our time is his daily bread and butter yet, I've watched John wait patiently for hours after his presentations while hesitant students form their halting questions which he caringly responds to. John Rankin is the real deal.

-- Brandt Gillespie
President, PrayTV


Evolution and Intelligent Design: What Are the Issues?
with David Silverman, National Spokesperson, American Atheists
7 November 2005
The Master's School, West Simsbury, CT

Can a Good God Allow People to Dwell in Hell Forever?

with Rev. Kalen Fristad, Destined for Salvation Ministries
16 October 2005
Bangor Baptist Church, Bangor, ME
Kalen Fristad's Opening Statement
John Rankin's Opening Statement

Homosexuality, Diversity and Marriage:
What Are the Issues? Two Perspectives

with Gary Daffin, Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus
25 October 2004
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

article in The New Hampshire (registration required)
full text of article

What is the Role of Religion in Presidential Politics?
with Austin Dacey, secular humanist author
26 October 2004
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Do the Ten Commandments and Human Freedom Go Together?
with Dan Barker of the Freedom From Religion Foundation at New York Divinity School (29 August 2004)

Is Same-Sex Marriage Good for the Nation?

with DJ Grothe at New York Divinity School (30 August 2004)
with Steven Kindle at Washburn University (16 April 2004)
with Arline Isaacson at Harvard University (20 March 2004)

with Amy Hunt at Smith College (10 February 2004)
with Arline Isaacson at Boston University (22 November 2002)

with Norm Allen at Wesleyan University (18 April 2002)

Is Homosexuality a Gift of God?
with Steven Kindle, Clergy United for the Equality of Homosexuals
7 June 2004
Unitarian-Universalist Church, Rutland, Vermont

Should God Be Removed from the Pledge of Allegiance?

with Duane Buchholz, National Legal Director, American Atheists, Inc.

Does God Hate Homosexuals?

with Fred W. Phelps, Sr., pastor of Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, Kansas

Does It Make Sense to Be an Atheist?
with Dr. Ed Buckner, executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism

Is the Bible Coherent?
with Dr. Robert Price, member of the Jesus Seminar

Is the United States a Christian Nation? Should It Be?
with Dr. Ed Buckner, executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism

 seminars Love and Hate in Topeka: The Theology of Fred Phelps

Biblical Ethics and Islam


Genesis and the Declaration of Independence
by John Rankin



First the Gospel, Then Politics...

“... the more time we invest into understanding the genius, simplicity and depth of God's order of creation in Genesis 1-2, the more we will have power to understand the rest of Scripture, history and life.” (from the introduction)

This book provides a thorough grounding in biblical theology, with practical applications for importing the positive nature of biblical ethics into a groaning world that yearns for peace and wholeness.

volume 1 published 1999
volumes 2 and 3 forthcoming

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