Love and Hate in Topeka
The Theology of Fred Phelps

On 17 April 2004, Washburn University (Topeka, Kansas) hosted a lecture on Fred Phelps and his theology of hatred toward homosexual persons. The speaker was Rev. John Rankin, who debated Mr. Phelps in Casper, Wyoming in October 2002. At the Washburn lecture, Rev. Rankin read his opening statement from the debate, outlining several ways in which Mr. Phelps' beliefs deviate from Scripture on its own terms and from the biblical God of love.

"Hate is the elixir of his life and he’s made an idol out of that. He is serving a false god and he is serving a pagan deity. He is hypocritical at fourteen levels I outlined today, inconsistent with the Scriptures. Now I can’t pass judgment on the destiny of his soul. But still, the point is I can say honestly I’ve never met a person who is more a son of hell than Fred Phelps. What we have to do in the face of hell is not curse hell, it is to let the light shine."
-- from the Q&A

Critique of Fred Phelps' Theology
Questions From the Audience

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