About the Mars Hill Forum
The goal of the Mars Hill Forum is to seek truth by embracing the love of hard questions. Rev. John C. Rankin has organized one hundred Mars Hill Forums since 1993. In these public events, held at universities and other sites across the country, he engages America's foremost opinion leaders in gracious dialog concerning biblical faith and its consequences for public policy. Rev. Rankin asks some of his guests to pose him the toughest questions that an evangelical Christian must answer, and he insists on not knowing the questions ahead of time. His guests have included proponents of abortion rights -- homosexual rights -- pagan feminism -- earth religions -- liberation theology -- atheistic philosophy -- secular humanism -- pan-sexuality -- separation of church and state -- animal rights -- historical deconstruction -- evolutionary theory -- and universal salvation.

The Mars Hill Forum is sponsored by the Theological Education Institute, located in Hartford, Connecticut.

John C. Rankin
Rev. John C. Rankin