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Does God Hate Homosexuals?
About the Participants
Fred Phelps is a graduate of Bob Jones University, was ordained by the Southern Baptists in 1947, and has served as pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, since 1955. The church has conducted more than 20,000 picketing demonstrations across America and beyond during the past 12 years, challenging sin in society. Fred Phelps is a Five-Point Calvinist. He and his wife Margie M. Phelps have 13 children, 52 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. His websites include: www.godhatesfags.com, www.godhatesamerica.com and www.fredthemovie.com.

John Rankin was raised a secular humanist, an agnostic Unitarian, prior to his conversion to a biblical and evangelical faith in 1967. He holds graduate degrees in theology from Gordon-Conwell and Harvard, is author of the three-volume series, First the Gospel, Then Politics..., host of the Mars Hill Forum series on university campuses and other venues, and has successfully opposed same-sex marriage legislation in Connecticut. He and his wife Nancy have been married 25 years, and have four children. His website is: www.teinetwork.com.

Ron Whitlatch was moderator of the debate. He is pastor of Family of God Church in Casper, Wyoming.