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Homosexuality and Death


If the biblical book of Leviticus says homosexuality is wrong, shouldn't society put homosexuals to death? Dr. Mel White posed John Rankin this question in a radio debate, and has effectively used it to silence many Christians. Dr. White is a former ghostwriter for Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Billy Graham, and now is an avowed homosexual and dean of a 12,000 member, mostly homosexual church in Dallas. He praised the public policy ethics of John Rankin's answer, but could not challenge Rankin's biblical opposition to homosexuality rooted in Genesis 1-2.

The debate was broadcast May 19, 1994 on radio station WDCX in Buffalo, New York.  John Rankin later taped this commentary, explaining in detail the theological and ethical differences between his views and those of Dr. White.

Commentary by John Rankin Part I
Commentary by John Rankin Part II


Last updated January 1, 2002