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How can we ever begin to answer the toughest theological, philosophical, moral and ethical questions in human experience?
By understanding the content of the biblical Genesis, chapters 1 and 2, as summed up by the phrase Only Genesis

Only Genesis can be described as proto-apologetics. That is, it sets the stage for understanding Scripture and for assisting biblical interpretation. Developed by John Rankin and fully described in his book First the Gospel, Then Politics..., the concepts of Only Genesis have been submitted before many skeptics who challenge the trustworthiness of the Bible. Much of that testing has taken place at the Mars Hill Forum, where Mr. Rankin asks his guests to compare the goodness of biblical creation with the origins of all other religious traditions and philosophies. After speaking before thousands of believers and unbelievers in the widest array of circumstances, he has found the response remarkably and overwhelmingly positive.

What religious or anthropological text, apart from Genesis 1-2, starts with a good God who made a good creation before human brokenness and sin?

Mr. Rankin has posed this question to leaders in the church, academia, government, media, science, business, and the arts. So far no one has suggested an alternative that can compare.

The positive nature of Genesis supports the view long held by biblically faithful Jews and Christians. Namely, that Yahweh, the God of the Bible, is the Creator of the universe who reveals himself in space and time.

The articles below describe Only Genesis. They show how Jews and Christians (and others) may apply biblical ethics in our pluralistic world for the benefit of all -- how we may act as peacemakers in a world desperately needing love and hope and redemption.

Only Genesis

Creation Paradigms
Positive Elements in Creation
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