Only Genesis:

Three doctrines located in Genesis 1-3 define the reality of the human condition:

creation > sin > redemption; or,
the order of creation > the reversal > the reversal of the reversal.

Four subjects comprise the essence of the order of creation:

God > life > choice > sex.

The term Only Genesis summarizes the nature of Genesis 1-2 in comparison with all other religious origin texts. There are ten positive elements:

1. God’s Nature.
2. Communication.
3. Human Nature.
4. Human Freedom.
5. Hard Questions.
6. Human Sexuality.
7. The Scientific Method.
8. Verifiable History.
9. Covenantal Law.
10. The First Amendment.

Six ethics sum up the nature of biblical faith. Four of them derive from the order of creation, and two from the order of redemption:

1. The power to give.
2. The power to live in the light.
3. The power of informed choice.
4. The power to love hard questions.
5. The power to love enemies.
6. The power to forgive.

Only Genesis provides a foundation for bearing witness to truth in all arenas of life:

Family Church
Government Education Media
Business Science the Arts


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